Fire Reports

Instructions for obtaining records documenting Fire Department responses to fires and other non-medical incidents are listed below.
MEDICAL INCIDENT RECORDS: To request records documenting Fire Department response to a medical incident, please see instructions at: Medical & Billing Records

TO SUBPOENA RECORDS: To subpoena a fire report, or to subpoena a Fire Department member as a witness to an incident, please see instructions at: Subpoena Services  To subpoena medical or billing records, please see instructions at: Medical & Billing Records


To obtain a copy of a Fire Report, please complete the FIRE REPORT REQUEST FORM (PDF)

Types of Fire Reports available are as follows:

  • FIRE INCIDENT REPORT (NFIRS):  Report generated by the Incident Commander under the rules and guidelines of the National Fire Incident Reporting System.
  • FIRE INVESTIGATION REPORT (FIR):  Report generated when SFFD Fire Investigators are dispatched to perform an origin and cause investigation.  To determine the availability of a FIR, please call the SFFD Bureau of Fire Investigation.  Please note: Depending on the complexity and other factors of an incident, a FIR may not be completed for weeks or months.  If applicable, a FIR may be withheld from disclosure pursuant to California Government Code §6254(f) and SF Administrative Code §67.24(d).

Please print, sign, and submit your FIRE REPORT REQUEST FORM (PDF) as follows:

SFFD Bureau of Fire Investigation
Attn: Custodian of Records
1275 Third Street
San Francisco, CA  94158

Requests for a Fire Report MUST include the ADDRESS of the fire or incident and the DATE OF INCIDENT.

For additional information or questions, please call the SFFD Bureau of Fire Investigation.


FIRE DISPATCH RECORDS (Computer Aided Dispatch - CAD Reports)

Records of 911-Call Dispatches (CAD print-outs and audio recordings) may be obtained by contacting the Department of Emergency Management, Division of Emergency Communications Custodian of Records at (415) 558-3826.

Updated: 6/30/2016