Division of Emergency Medical Services

The Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) strives to provide the highest quality pre-hospital care to the citizens and visitors of San Francisco. This is accomplished by maintaining a high degree of clinical competence, adhering to the principals and practices of patient safety, and displaying a professional demeanor at all times. As medical practitioners, we recognize that our customers also include members of the patient's family, friends and loved ones, and members of the general public. We also recognize members of the medical community and other agencies as our customers, as well as our co-workers. As a result, the principles of customer service and professionalism guide the emergency medical service the Fire Department provides. 

EMS Services

The San Francisco Fire Department is a permitted ambulance provider in the City and County of San Francisco, dedicated to providing excellent EMS care for the full spectrum of medical emergencies.  The Department follows the local ambulance ordinance and adheres to the policies and protocols for pre-hospital care set by the San Francisco Emergency Medical Services Agency (SF EMSA).  All Department paramedics and firefighter/paramedics are licensed by the State of California EMS Authority and accredited with SF EMSA.  All emergency medical technicians and firefighter/EMTs are certified with SF EMSA.  All accreditation, certification and licensing is in accordance with Division 2.5 of the Health and Safety Code, the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, and SF EMSA policies 2040 and 2050. 

Current SF EMSA policy and protocol manuals are available at: 

Policy and Protocol Manuals (Department of Public Health, EMSA)

As licensed and certified health care professionals, paramedics and EMTs report incidents of suspected dependent adult/elder abuse or neglect to the SF Department of Aging & Adult Services; suspected child abuse or neglect to the SF Human Services Agency; suspected domestic violence and firearm injuries to the SF Police Department; and, on-the-job injuries or illness to the CA Division of Occupational Safety & Health.  Any subsequent investigations are handled by the respective department or agency.

Contact Us

Assistant Deputy Chief of Community Paramedicine

Simon Pang
Phone: (628) 271-4906
Email: Simon.Pang@sfgov.org
Link: Community Paramedicine  

Assistant Deputy Chief of EMS

Niels Tangherlini
Phone: (628) 271-4902
Email: Niels.Tangherlini@sfgov.org
Link: Division of EMS 

Deputy Chief of EMS and Community Paramedicine

Sandra Tong
Phone: (628) 271-4901
Email: Sandra.Tong@sfgov.org 
Link: Division of EMS 

HIPAA Compliance / Privacy Officer

Phone: (415) 558-3384 | Fax: (415) 558-3407
Link: Notice of Privacy Practices
Email: FireHIPAA@sfgov.org

Medical Director

Dr. Jeremy Lacocque
Phone: (628) 271-4942
Email: Jeremy.Lacocque@sfgov.org
Link: Division of EMS 

Operations Administrative Assistant

Phone: (628) 271-4909
Email: Marcie.Chapman@sfgov.org
Link: Division of EMS 

Patient Belongings - Lost & Found

Phone: (415) 471-6965
Link: Lost & Found

SFFD Station 49, EMS Division (Mainline)

Phone: (628) 271-4049
Link: Division of EMS