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Make a tax deductible donation to the SFFD to strengthen our COVID-19 Response and the Communities Recovery. The SFFD as part of the City and County of San Francisco can accept tax-deductible monetary contributions for the department's COVID-19 outbreak, fire and emergency medical and disaster response efforts to assistance to individuals, families, small businesses, and nonprofits in San Francisco. See a list of our generous donors and community partners

Why donate?

Your tax-deductible donations will help protect the health of San Francisco and support the most vulnerable, including individuals, families, and local businesses.

Donations will directly support:

  • Critical facilities and supplies needed to protect the health of all San Franciscans in the face of COVID-19.

  • Taking care of our most medically and economically vulnerable neighbors, including individuals who must isolate per public health guidance and those facing economic hardship or a housing crisis related to COVID-19.

  • Local residents or visitors disproportionately affected by the current public health crisis.  

Donations of any amount can be made. Donations over $100 will be acknowledged on the SFFD website.

Monetary donation

Complete the SFFD Donor Disclosure - Gift Request form in accordance with the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance*. 

If you require a paper copy of the form, please download a copy here:

The donations coordinator will reach out to confirm within two business days. 

Please make your check out to "The SFFD" and send to this address:

San Francisco Fire Department
Attn: Finance Division
698 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

In-kind goods donation

Complete the SFFD Donor Disclosure - Gift Request form in accordance with the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance*. 

You should receive an email from to schedule the delivery of your in-kind donation.

The SFFD is accepting in-kind donations of critically needed new (unused/unopened/not expired) items to support the efforts of our Community Paramedicine Units:

  • Packaged snacks that are newly purchased (eg not nearing expiration)
  • Bottled water or other shelf stable drinks
  • Socks (new only please)
  • Lightly used shoes, pants, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets (men’s and women’s, all sizes)

*San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 67 section 67.29-6 (Sources of Outside Funding) provides: 

No official or employee or agent of the City shall accept, allow to be collected, or direct or influence the spending of, any money, or any goods or services worth more than one hundred dollars in aggregate, for the purpose of carrying out or assisting any City function unless the amount and source of all such funds is disclosed as a public record and made available on the website for the department to which the funds are directed. When such funds are provided or managed by an entity, and not an individual, that entity must agree in writing to abide by this ordinance. The disclosure shall include the names of all individuals or organizations contributing such money and a statement as to any financial interest the contributor has involving the City. 

We greatly appreciate your generous support!

Please direct questions to or (415) 558-3553.