Recruit Training

All initial hires must first pass through our Firefighter Recruit Training Academy.  This academy runs 20-weeks and meets all State Fire Marshal and NFPA Standards for Firefighter I certifications.  Our Academy recently achieved the status of an Accredited Local Academy, one of only 12 in the entire State of California.

Over the twenty weeks, recruits are exposed to EMS, Firefighter, Engine Driver, Truck Driver and Tiller Operator training.  Recruits will leave our accredited academy with the following certifications: S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, Confined Space Rescue Awareness, Firefighter Survival, Hazardous Materials First Responder Operational and all academic and skill requirements for California, IFSAC and ProBoard Firefighter-1 certification.

The instructor cadre at the Recruit Academy consists of experienced Training Lieutenants, certified as Instructor 1 and trained in Ethical Leadership in the Classroom.  The cadre is managed by our Recruit Training Captain.

The recruit training cadre monitors and trains the recruit classes long after their academy graduation.  Upon graduation, the recruit will work a 12 month probation, 6 months on an Engine Company and 6 months on an Aerial Truck Company.  They will be periodically rotated to the Division of Training for probationary drills and for their 6-month and 12 month probationary tests.

Completion of the academy and probation is only the beginning, as a fire service career is one of lifelong learning.