SFFD Fire Reserve

The San Francisco Fire Department Reserves is an auxiliary force for the Fire Department.  The Reserves recently celebrated their 75th anniversary, as they’ve been proudly serving the citizens since 1941.  

The Fire Reserves are a volunteer force designed to supplement the fire department with San Francisco residents willing and able to assist in emergencies.  All Fire Reservists are sworn volunteer firefighters.  Typically, the Fire Reserves respond to any fire that reaches a “3rd Alarm” or greater.  They have assisted crews with hoses, raising or lowering ladders, operating master streams, salvage and overhaul, air refilling and more.  The Fire Reserves has supported the Department by functioning as EMTs during large citywide events.

The SFFD Fire Reserves go through an application and oral board interview process where they must show proof of San Francisco residency.  All Fire Reservists must be either an EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic.  After they are selected, they must graduate a reserve academy and then attend weekly training sessions on Thursday nights taught by SFFD training lieutenants.  The Fire Reservists are expected to respond to greater alarm fires when notified in their personal vehicles.  Fire Reservists must respond to a minimum of 3 greater alarm fires before they are issued a badge.  After serving a minimum of 2 years, Fire Reservists that possess a Firefighter 1 training certification are able to get signed off on their State Firefighter 1 Certification.

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