A Fire Department operational permit constitutes permission to maintain, store, use or handle materials, or to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or to install equipment used in connection with such activities. Such permission shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel, or set aside any of the provision of the Fire Code.  A permit shall not take the place of any license required by law. 

Applications for operational or temporary permits shall be submitted to the Bureau of Fire Prevention. Applications for Fire Department permit shall be accompanied by plans when required by the Bureau.  Depending on the type of Fire Department permit, certain regulated activities require a supplemental application, additional information, site plans, floor layout plans, and proof of insurance.  The following are various documents and forms used by the Permit Section:

Expiration.  A permit shall continue until revoked or for such a period of time as designed at the time of issuance.  Permits shall not be transferable and any change in use, occupancy, operation, or ownership shall require a new permit.

Inspection Required.  Before a permit issued, the Bureau of Fire Prevention shall inspect and approve the receptacles, vehicles, buildings, devices, premises, storage spaces or areas to be used.  In instances where laws or regulations are also enforced by other departments, a joint approval shall be obtained from all departments concerned.

Retention of Permits.  Permits shall be kept on the premises at all times and shall be posted in a conspicuous location on the premises.  Permits shall be subject to inspection all times by an officer or the Fire or Police Departments or any persons authorized by the Chief.

Revocation of Permits.  The Chief is authorized to suspend or revoke a permit when it is determined after a hearing by the Chief.

Permit Fees 

Below is Table 106-A of Chapter 1 of the 2019 San Francisco Fire Code, fees effective as of 9/8/19. The following 2019 SF Fire Code Table 106-A, Amended by Ord. No. 255-19, File No. 190866, Enacted 11/15/19; Effective 01/01/20; List updated 1/29/20.

(New Rate Effective: 9/1/2023)

Aerosol Products, Regulated Activities $409.00
Amusement Buildings, Operation $409.00
Aviation Facilities, Regulated Activities $409.00
Aviation Facilities, Aircraft Refueling Vehicle $409.00
Battery System, Operation $409.00
Carnivals and Fairs, Operation $409.00
Cellulose Nitrate Film, Regulated Activities $409.00
Combustible Dust-Producing Operations $409.00
Combustible Fiber, Regulated Activities $409.00
Compressed Gas, Regulated Activities $409.00
Conditional Use $95.00
Covered Mall Buildings, Operation $409.00
Cryogenic Fluids, Regulated Activities $409.00
Cutting and Welding, Operation $409.00
Dry Cleaning Plant, Operation $409.00
ERRC (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System) $409.00
Exhibits and Trade Shows, Operation $409.00
Explosives, Regulated Activities $409.00
Fireworks, Display $409.00
Firefighter Air Systems, Maintenance $409.00
Flammable and Combustible Finishes, Application of (Including Floor Finishes) $409.00
Flammable or Combustible Liquids, Regulated Activities $409.00
Fruit and Crop Ripening $409.00
Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal Fogging $409.00
Hazardous Materials, Regulated Activities $409.00
Hazardous Production Material (HPM) Facilities $409.00
High-Piled Storage $409.00
Hot Work Operations, Regulated Activities $409.00
Indoor Cannabis Cultivation $409.00
Industrial Ovens $409.00
Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Regulated Activities $409.00
Live Audience, Production Facility, Studio, Sound Stage $409.00
Lumberyards and Woodworking Plants $409.00
Magnesium Processing $409.00
Miscellaneous Combustible Storage $409.00
Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles and Carts $409.00
Mobile Fueling of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles $409.00
Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities $409.00
Open Burning $409.00
Open Flame and Candles in Assembly Areas $409.00
Open Flame and Torches - Wildfire Risk Area $409.00
Organic Coating, Manufacturing $409.00
Outdoor Assembly Event $409.00
Place of Assembly $697.00
Place of Assembly-Permanent Occupancy for Non-Profit Group $0.00
Plant Extraction Systems $409.00
Private Fire Hydrant - Remove, Use or Operate $409.00
Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material $409.00
Pyroxylin Plastics $409.00
Refrigeration Equipment $409.00
Repair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities $409.00
Rooftop Heliports $409.00
Spraying or Dipping - Operational $409.00
Temporary Membrane Structures and Tents $409.00
Tire Storage $409.00
Tire Rebuilding Plants $409.00
Waste Handling, Regulated Activities $409.00

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