SFFD Lockbox Program

TRAC-Vault - Lockbox ProgramIn an effort to address security issues and improve emergency Fire Department access, the SFFD has changed the type of lockbox specified for building owners to install.  The system that has been selected is the TRACcess System by UTC Fire and Security.

The TRACcess System lockboxes, called TRAC-Vault, will be available for sale on August 1, 2010 and must be purchased directly from UTC Fire and Security.  Order forms are available at the link listed below.  They are also available at the SFFD Bureau of Fire Prevention customer service desk.

Owners of buildings with Hazardous (H) and Laboratory (L) Occupancies will be required to install the lockboxes prior to July 1, 2011.  Other building owners who elect to install lockboxes voluntarily will be directed to purchase a TRACcess System lockbox.  Only H and L Occupancies will be required to install a lockbox.

Information about the new Lockbox Program is detailed in SFFD Administrative Bulletin 5.09:



Order form for TRACcess System products (TRAC-Vault & TRAC-Padlock):

TRACcess Rapid Entry Order Form (PDF)

Form to activate TRACcess System products (TRAC-Vault & TRAC-Padlock):

Request to Activate TRAC-Vault or Trac-Padlock (PDF)    (New Rate Effective: 9/8/2019)

Questions regarding the SFFD Lockbox Program can be directed to:

SFFD Bureau of Fire Prevention