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Arson Awareness Week 2010: May 2nd - May 8th
New Fire Code Administrative Bulletins Approved; Effective May 13, 2010
SFFD Bladder Cancer Screening Program & SF Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation
Appreciative Cardiac Arrest Survivor Makes Second Donation
1st Annual Firefighter Stair Climb - Benefit for Local Burn Centers
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Safety Information
SFFD Introduces New Lockbox System
Preventing Fires Caused During Roofing Practices - Important Information for Homeowners
3.05 New and Replacement Fire Alarm Systems- High-Rise Evacuation/Relocation Policy
2.09 Underground Pipe Detail Plan Submittal
2.02 Submittal Requirements for Kitchen Hood and Duct Extinguishing Systems
3.02 Fire Alarm Annunciation
3.01 High-Rise Building Annunciation Panels
2.08 Retroactive Sprinkler Installation for High-Rise Buildings Submittal; Umbrella Permit
2.07 Permit Application Checklist for Diesel Generators, Diesel Fire Pumps, and Fuel Tanks Serving Generators and Fire Pumps
2.05 Fire/Smoke Damper Submittal Guidelines for Tenant Improvements
2.04 Fire Sprinkler Submittal
2.03 Submittal Requirements for Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
5.06 Requirements for SFFD Approval of Temporary Permits of Occupancy for New/Change of Use High-Rise Buildings
5.05 Signage of Buildings with Wood or Lightweight Steel Truss, or Composite Wood Joist (TJI) or Roof Construction
2.01 Fire Alarm Submittal
4.21 Single and Double Interlock Pre-Action Systems
4.23 Combination Fire Services
4.24 FDC Requirements for Low-Rise Buildings
4.25 Car Stacking/Lift Systems