SFFD Recruitment - Eligible Candidates

Anticipated Timeline for 132nd H2 Recruit Academy

Week of 2/15 – Send out Secondary Criteria Survey to all candidates

Week of 2/22 – Schedule Preliminary Panel Interview dates/times 

Week of 2/27 – Start of Preliminary Panel Interviews

H2 Eligible List: https://sfdhr.org/sites/default/files/documents/Eligible-Lists/2023/H002-900310-02282023.pdf

Week of 3/13 – Send out invitations to Chiefs Interview

Week of 3/20 – Start of Chiefs Interview

Week of 4/14 – Candidates selected by the Chief of Department will be notified to proceed with instructions for Medicals and Background.

Week of 4/17 – Candidates will have the option to respond with the following by 4/19: 

a) defer for one academy

b) proceed to Medicals and Background Investigation 

Week of 5/5 – Last day to submit Background packets 

Week of 6/9 – Final Offers sent to selected candidates for 132nd Recruit Academy Class

TENTATIVE 6/10 – Pre-academy orientation

Week of 6/12 – PPE and uniform fitting

Week of 6/26 – Start of 132nd Recruit Academy Class

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